Why Old School Advertising Still Matters

Posted Feb 3rd, 2016 in News

Why Old School Advertising Still Matters

In this ever-evolving, high-tech world, it seems like you can do almost anything on the internet. And in fact, that's true.

For businesses large and small, new customers have never been more accessible. With the whole world at your fingertips, it's never been easier to reach your target audience. And your target audience has never been bigger, either.

Here at Solutions, we take full advantage of all the opportunities that the internet and social media have to offer when we're building advertising campaigns and branding strategies for our clients.

This is all well and good – very good, in fact.

But it doesn't mean that more traditional methods of advertising no longer have their place.

There are many traditional advertising avenues that can bring you a lot of business, and it behooves any savvy business person to make good use of these. They can be especially beneficial to smaller, more locally based businesses, but bigger companies can benefit, too.

Today, we want to discuss some of these advertising avenues, and how they can help you reach more of your target audience.

Newspaper & Magazine Advertising

Newspapers and magazines offer a great way to get in touch with local audiences. If possible, choose special interest papers and magazines that are relevant to your target audience.

If that's not possible, many papers and magazines offer special features to showcase particular businesses.

Radio and TV

Running ads on local radio stations can be very effective, and also very cost effective.

And just because you can't afford to run your ads during the Super Bowl or the season finale of Game of Thrones, doesn't mean you'll have to miss out on the household reach of cable TV. For instance, you can take advantage of advertising space in TV Guide listings, infomercials, and even Real Estate channels.

Vehicle, Bench, & Bus Advertising

Placing your ad on the side of a bus, car, or even on a bench can get your business a lot of attention. Ever wonder why every bus and bench you see is advertising something? It's because it works!

Contact your local transit authority for information on your bus, bench and bus shelter advertising options.

And if you're not prepared to bedeck your car in a full skin featuring your ad campaign, you can get magnetic signs that you can remove and replace whenever you like.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is probably one of the single most effective advertising techniques. You can plaster your business all over every square inch of town, but nothing is more effective than a personal endorsement.

This is an old school advertising techniques that works in person and online, too.

Think about it. When you find an awesome product or service that you just love, what are you most likely to do? Continue buying the product or service, sure, but you're also likely to tell people you know about it. And if you're really pleased, you might even leave a positive review online.

And of course, no matter how fantastic a business is, or how good its advertising campaign is, most people will be more likely to take the word of someone who doesn't have anything to gain in promoting that business.

So while technology is great, and has a lot of potential to help you reach your target audience, more traditional means of advertising still have their place.

At Solutions Marketing, we deploy a wide array of advertising techniques for our clients advertising campaigns and branding strategies. Innovative and new or tried and true, we do what works best for our clients.

So if you're considering including some of these traditional advertising avenues in your campaign, we can help.

Get in touch today!

- Tim

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